I loved working in my ESL center where everything was provided for. It really was the sweet spot for teaching.

I have to accept that for me to stay sane, I have to go back to my original goal.

I don’t want to go back to that old job. It is a part of the mess that I’m in now.

Logging this here to remember.


My condition has my name in it: dysthymia, chronic mild depression. When you break it down by the syllable — dys — thy — mia — it sounds like This Thy Mia.

My Mom passed away in 2010. I was the first child and had worked so hard to…

Content Warning: Grooming, Sexism

When I was 12–13 years old in high school, a male faculty member that I barely talked to said I reminded him of his daughter. He was never my teacher, but somehow I caught his eye. And because I needed guidance while my Mom was busy…

I’ve been wanting to get back into personal blogging, but I felt uneasy at the idea of having clients and employ know about ALL my baggage. I’m getting better though, at crafting my dysfunctional brand, so to speak— I just don’t want it to taint my KPIs.

So, this is…


Mii untucked, unfiltered, and done giving a fuck. Profile photo from Hulyen.

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